Grandeur: A Legacy in Modular Construction

Since our inaugural meeting on February 4, 1976, Grandeur has stood as a pioneer in modular construction. Founded by Ken Ginter, our journey began with the vision of creating exceptional “mobile homes.” The first Grandeur-built home emerged from our facility on October 11, 1976, leading to our Grand Opening on November 25, 1976.

By 1986, our Winkler production facility had crafted over 1,000 modular homes. In 2008, we achieved a milestone of 2,624 homes, 602 industrial units, and 69 houseboats with an average build time of 21 days per home.

In the early 2010s, a careful examination of the modular construction process revealed its suitability for multi-unit residential buildings. This realization led to projects like Hartford Greens, a large-scale multi-family endeavor in Saskatoon, starting production in 2012.

Today, as we celebrate over 45 years of excellence, Grandeur has delivered over 10,000 units across Northern Ontario to British Columbia. Our 200,000 sq. ft. production facility has witnessed the evolution of styles and construction methods. Yet, our commitment to quality, integrity, and innovation remains unwavering.

a crowd of mostly male workers outside, standing in front of a large mobile home with a sign reading "home #1000"
two pictures a smiling female inside the interior of vintage Grandeur house trailers
the interior of a modular housing facility that shows frames of homes in different stages of production

Grandeur’s Core Values


We prioritize a healthy life/work balance, fostering a supportive family atmosphere.


Our dedication is evident in providing superior products and services through innovation and creativity.


We uphold honesty and fairness in all our interactions.


Our moral compass is guided by our belief system, forming the foundation of our company.


We maintain high standards in both our products and services, believing that quality defines our legacy